Our company

Activin Wine Group has four distinct target groups in the Dutch wine market: off trade (Activin) and on trade (L’Exception).
Activin is focused on the off trade market which includes supermarkets, multiples, cash & carry stores, airlines and off-trade wholesale. While L’Exception supplies the on trade business which includes middle and top-range restaurants and hotels, independent wine shops, theatres and catering. Kepler15 distributes the premium waters of Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino. The Vintage 3.0 sells the beautiful wines to exclusive targetgroups of consumers.

The story of Activin

Bert de Boer started this family company, with a box of wine in the backseat of his Fiat 500.
The relationships he build since then, are still part of the organisation and network.
This collaborations and relationships, direct contact and short lines are the foundation of partnership on the highest level.
Not only with suppliers, but also with our clients we aspire a longterm relationship with trust and respect. This is the fundament of the organisation.

The People of Activin

Activin garanties for hard work, fast contact and collaboration. And Of course, also for a laugh, celebrating succes and enthousiastic colleagues.
The people make Activin a company what is so much more than just a importer, seller and distributor of wines and water.

Key points
- Collaboration
- Trust
- Mutual respect


Zonnenberg 8, Zoetermeer


+3179 3600 113