Activin Wine Group
Imports, distributes and sells high quality wines, waters and spirits

Activin Wine Group

Our Company

Activin Wine Group is a passionate organization that imports, distributes and sells high quality wines, waters and spirits on the Dutch market. Activin Wine Group operates with a high degree of flexibility, short lines of communication and a wide-ranging portfolio. To focus on different markets Activin Wine Group consists of four Strategic Business Units: Activin, L’Exception, Kepler 15 and The Vintage 3.0.

Business Units

Activin focuses on supplying the off-trade market which includes supermarkets, cash & carry stores, duty free, airlines and off-trade wholesale. L’Exception supplies the on-trade business which includes middle and top-range restaurants and hotels, theatres, catering and independent wine shops. Kepler15 is responsible for the distribution of the premium waters Acqua Panna, S.Pellegrino, Perrier, Vittel and distributes the Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages. The Vintage 3.0 provides e-commerce solutions for the sales of premium wines with a high level of service to end consumers. They enable partners to transform their brand, trust and database into wine sales.














Our Business Units

Our Story

The story of Activin Wine Group

The story of Activin

Bert de Boer started this company back in the days with a box of wine in the backseat of his Fiat 500. The relationships he has built since then, are still part of the heart of the organisation and her network. These collaborations and relationships resulted in a wide and exclusive range of quality wines from virtually every major wine-producing country worldwide. Not only with suppliers, but also with our clients we aspire a long-term relationship based on trust and respect. This is the fundament of our organisation.

The people behind Activin

Activin stands for hard work, fast contact and collaboration. And of course, also for a laugh, celebrating success and enthusiastic colleagues. Together we make Activin a company that is so much more than just an importer and distributor of wines, waters and spirits.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

The primary objectives of Activin Wine Group

Exclusive and broad portfolio
Leading player in off-trade and on-trade markets
Supplying quality and quantity
Partnership with suppliers and customers
Selective distribution
Innovative and progressive marketing policy
Brand building