Bodega Son Mayol

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Our mission is to create high-quality wines in a natural way and with traditional methods of cultivation, without any unnecessary chemicals. Our efforts in this respect start right in the vineyard, with correct attention to planting, pruning, care and harvesting, before delivering their results in the winery and cellar.

Son Mayol takes full advantage of its favoured valley location and almost 60 acres of vineyards, spread over 35 locations. Exposure to all four points of the compass ensures a varying microclimate of sunshine, wind and rain; all of which contribute to the quality of the soil. This results in totally different wines – even with the same varieties of grape.

In our modern winery we vinify the grapes from different terroirs one by one (primary and malolactic fermentation and ageing in barrels. It is only during the final blending of the lots, after maturing for two years in one to two year old oak barrels that we decide which terroirs will be used for which wines.

This enables us to produce quality wines suitable for further ageing and which improve over the years.

Really good wine requires lots of love, patience and experience. The wines from Son Mayol are processed with pride in a natural way, and are our own preferred choice.