Château de La Chaize

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In the early 1960s, Madame d’Azincourt, Marquise de Montaigu, a descendant of the Marquis de la Chaize, was photographed in the salon at Château de La Chaize, where she is being served by one of the staff. The photo appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine, the famous American weekly. Château de La Chaize’s wines had indeed been highly appreciated by Americans for numerous years.

Between 1674 and 1676, the new château was built. The château was designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Superintendent-General of the Royal Buildings and by Thomas Blanchet, painter and architect who had designed the City Hall and Palais St Pierre in Lyon. Château gardens were entrusted to the King’s famous gardener, André Le Nôtre. The estate was completed in 1676 and took the name CHATEAU de LA CHAIZE.

Today, for ethical and ecological reasons, Château de La Chaize has set out on an unprecedented energetic and environmental transition.